Makeup Through The Years

In your teens you start out using makeup to  look more MATURE,

From twenty to thirty something you use it to look ALLURING,

At forty you use makeup as a tool for your youth to KEEP,

When you turn the big 5-0 you can use it to ENHANCE,

In your sixties and seventies, you use it to UNDO,

Reaching 80 and older, you PRESERVE


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Thirty Sexy Years for Guess?

Claudia SchifferGuess who’s back as the sultry sex-kitten model for Guess?   It’s German-born  supermodel, Claudia Schiffer in a series of black and white ads that look so much like the original ads from 1989-1991 that you will swear they are. Thirty Sexy Years, written in RED across the photos let’s you know that you are seeing the NEW ads. From 1989-1991 photographer Ellen Von Unwerth produced a series of black and white photos for Guess? that oozed sexy. Claudia, with smoky eye makeup and Brigitte Bardot sex-kitten hair made every woman want a pair of Guess jeans. In the current fashion shoot Claudia looks as beautiful as she did two decades ago. How is that possible? I had the pleasure of working with Claudia on Maui and in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1992 when she and  Cindy Crawford were known as Revlon’s supermodels. I was living in Honolulu when  Revlon flew me to Maui to work with Claudia as hairstylist and makeup artist for two days. I can honestly say she was beautiful without a drop of makeup. But her beauty runs more than skin deep. I asked her how she dealt with her busy schedule of appearances and photo shoots for Revlon Cosmetics and she shared two beauty secrets with me. First; in the morning she ate only fruit, thirty minutes before any other food. Secondly, she called her Mom every day no matter where in the world she was. Keeping grounded is very important for your health. I believe she has the right idea; nourishing the body, soul and mind. Her connection with family she said, is what keeps her grounded. I can truly say she is beautiful from the inside out. For more pictures and video of Claudia check out the Guess website at

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Best Travel Product

This is by far the BEST travel product.  It was a real find for my last trip. When I travel my nails really take a beating. I don’t know if it’s because I seem to wash my hands so much more or because I’m handling more paper than usual like boarding passes, money, magazines or newspapers. My nails usually look pretty shot after a couple of days because I don”t have the luxury of being at home with all my manicure tools. I  found a travel miracle in Sally Hansen’s new product for cuticles; “Salon Manicure Cuticle Eraser + Balm”. It’s not a liquid, it’s a buttery cream (so no worries with TSA). Just massage into your cuticles daily. That’s it! I’ts that easy. I’d love to hear if anyone else has tried this or another travel product for well-groomed nails while traveling.

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Stars Without Makeup

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Beautiful Spring Makeup Featuring Pinks and Plums

 Here is Kimberly Brawley in beautiful pinks and plums for Spring. Kimberley is a professional model and owner of ThirtyOneIndependantConsultant,  a page on FB. I started with an even skin tone using my Temptu silicone based  airbrush makeup and I airbrushed soft pink blush on her cheeks and brow area. Also using the airbrush I added highlighter and shadow on the inner corner of the eye using a soft ivory color and then I layered a  plum eye shadow in the outer corner of her eyes. Using a deep plum creme liner, I added drama to her lash line on top and below her to make her eyes more dramatic. She is wearing black mascara and a set of false eye lashes. Her lips finish the look with a bright pink which I blotted once and added a highlighter in the center of the lips and a soft gloss to keep lips moist. With this look Kimberly can go anywhere. What do you think?

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I love Spring!

Spring is just around the corner and most of the trees in my neighborhood have new buds on them. Everything is overly green due to the recent rain. Fresh pink and white flowers are blooming on the fruit trees and streams of bluebonnets can be seen alongside the highways. Spring has always been my favorite time of year for bridal portraits. Mother Nature provides the earthly beauty and a bride, dressed in white and filled with the promise of new beginnings is a perfect match. I like soft and natural makeup for bridal portraits, with peach or pink on the lips and cheeks. Here are some of my favorite bridal photos that exemplify natural beauty. I hope you enjoy!

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Texas Women Know How To Makeup

I never leave home without my lips!

As always while traveling to different locations I like to people watch and the makeup artist in me likes to scan for makeup looks on women of all ages.  Texas, where I reside, sometimes gets a “bad rap” for overly made up women, and we all know “Big hair” is a Texas thing. I’m here to defend Texas women because at least they know what constitutes a “look”. Most women  in Texas wear makeup when they go out, even the cowgirls know how to “fancy it up”.  And depending on where they go, they know how to shine. Your going out look shouldn’t be the same as your stay at home watching TV look or your working in the yard look. That’s what makes going out special. You check your makeup, blot and reapply where necessary, add a little more liner, blush,concealer, lips and maybe even mascara. Taking just 5 minutes to freshen up your look can make you look younger and feel more energetic. I had the pleasure of spending a few days in the Pacific Northwest recently; think mountains, trees, rain, right? You would be correct with all of the above. If I lived there, (in fact I did live there at one time), I would certainly spend a little extra time to “color my world” with makeup. I would want to look as good as I possibly could to help counteract the dreariness of the constant rain and cold. Remember, the better you look, the better you feel. Most women I saw there looked like they left their house in a hurry; wearing sweatshirts and jeans or sweaters and jeans with tennis shoes. AND little to no makeup. About the only recognizable makeup product I saw on women there was mascara. You can get away with that in sunshine states where chances are you’ll have a slight tan or at least a bronzed look but in the dreariness of winter states when it’s cloudy and overcast with little or no makeup you can look a little pasty. (Think Bella in  Twilight). In colder weather a little more moisturizer, foundation and blush can save time later because it tends to fade quickly. It’s like the wind wipes  it off. So spending a little more time in layering your makeup can give you longer wear and actually boost your spirits! A favorite quote of mine came from mary Kay Ash, Owner of Mary Kay Cosmetics. She said “If a woman won’t take the time, time will take the woman”! Thank you Mary Kay.

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Photoready Airbrush makeup update

Airbrush in action


After using Revlon Photoready Airbrush makeup for several weeks I am ready to share my findings. For me, the product was a bit of a disappointment. It doesn’t spray like my professional airbrush makeup, it is a mousse. I found it dried quickly so you need to apply fast and to small areas at a time. I used a foundation brush for my application. It looked ok once applied but it didn’t hold up for tearing or blowing your nose or blotting any areas of the face.  I tried wearing primer underneath but that didn’t work at all; I found a super sheer moisturizer worked best. My friend also tried the product and she felt the product accentuated her already large pores and fine lines. So I’m left to say it’s a novelty makeup item that is fun to try for a couple of times but it doesn’t qualify as “Airbrush” makeup in my book. When I spray on my “Airbrushed” makeup it stays put and looks natural even if I need to camouflage certain areas.  By the way, there are two distinctly different formulas for Airbrush makeup for the face. One is a water based formula and one is a silicone formula. I carry both types in my kit but find that  I use the silicone base more for its natural skin-like look and durability.

So I guess if you want to spend the $13.00 or so and buy Revlon’s product to experiment, go ahead and have fun. But when you need your makeup to deliver, lasting through a wedding and reception or other special occasion, a professional Airbrush Makeup application is really the best.

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Revlon Photoready Airbrush Makeup

When my daughter and makeup aficionado texted me to let me know there were two new Airbrush makeup products on the market I had to try them immediately. I tried the Revlon  “Photoready Airbrush Makeup’  in Nude and my daughter is testing Maybelline. Both products come in a small aerosol can that delivers the makeup as a mousse, not a spray like my professional airbrush.The results so far?  I like the way it looks and feels on my skin and it doesn’t seem to have “settling” issues around fine lines or pores. I am going to give it the real test today by mowing the lawn to see how it holds up with vigorous activity. I’ll put a new post soon to compare and rate the airbrush makeup so check back soon!

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Pretty Maids All In A Row

Pretty girls, transformed into brides for the day are absolutely glowing in airbrushed makeup by Linda Kelly and beautiful hairstyles by Shauna Cates for the Austin Wedding Guide Spring edition. The gowns are from Blue Bridal in Austin. The backdrop is the scenic Vineyards at Chapell Lodge. Three models, ten gowns, featuring a variety of hairstyles and makeup looks to offer creative wedding ideas just  for you.  At the photo shoot I was accompanied by hairstylist, Shauna Cates of Chairish the Day who showed  some fabulous weaving and braiding, up dos and  sultry curls. To  inspire fresh wedding looks for spring and to accompany the themes of the gowns and hairstyles, I played with color on the lips and eyes, creating demure and natural to sultry and sophisticated looks. For one look I used hints of sheer pink on the eyes and cheeks with a bright pop of fuchsia on the lips while on other looks I used smokey plums or greys on the eyes and nude or soft peach lips. The natural skin tones and  most of the eyeshadow and cheek color is airbrushed makeup. To learn more about airbrushed makeup and my services for weddings see my website at

For a truly different idea, the bridal bouquets were vintage brooch bouquets by Emily Clair.  Check out the bouquets and additional photos on my  LindaKellyProfessionalmakeupartist FB page. Thanks to the coordinating efforts of Veronica Lozano with the  Wedding Guide a fun day was had by all and now we wait for the priceless photos from the master photographer, Andy Sams. I promise to share as soon as I get the top-secret clearance!

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